Call Rates

Destination Rate per Minute
Local $0.05
Long Distance Click here for rates.

SMS Rates

Destination Rate per Message
Local $0.05
International Click here for rates.
*Effective September 1st 2021, the local SMS rate for local messaging which includes promotions and campaigns is fixed at $0.05 cents per text.

LTE Data Bundles

Bundle Price GBs Validity How to Purchase
Data 2GB $2.00 2GB 24 hours Text D1 to 247
Data 5GB $5.00 5GB 3 days Text D2 to 247
Data 7GB $7.00 7GB 7 days Text D3 to 247
Data 10GB $10.00 10GB 10 days Text D4 to 247
Data 15GB $15.00 15GB 15 days Text D5 to 247
Data 20GB $20.00 20GB 15 days Text D6 to 247
Data 50GB $45.00 50GB 30 days Text D7 to 247
*Text "info" to 247 to view our LTE bundle menu. Must have an ASTCA supported LTE device to view this menu.